For the past twenty-eight years, Fry & McCann Co., LPA has been providing high quality, reasonably priced legal services to its clients throughout the state of Ohio. Its four lawyers, who combined have over one hundred years of legal experience, concentrate their practices in the areas of general business and corporate law, alcohol related driving offenses (DWI), civil litigation of all types, administrative and regulatory law, elder law, estate planning and probate. Its clients include individuals, manufacturing and retail businesses of all sizes, and professionals including doctors, lawyers, accountants, engineers and other professionals.

In an environment of rapid change in legal and economic conditions, the firm prides itself in providing timely and cost effective assistance to its clients. Over the years, Fry & McCann Co., LPA has deliberately elected to remain a small law firm, because it believes that by doing so, it can control its costs and pass these savings along to its clients. The firm places a heavy emphasis on being available to its clients when the client needs them. In most cases, its lawyers are available to see clients within 48 hours of a request for an appointment. In short, the lawyers of Fry & McCann Co., LPA strive to provide its clients with high quality legal services, when they need them, at a reasonable cost.

Attorneys at Fry & McCann: